Security & Protocol

TIP’s key proposition is the varied yet specialized secure environment with varying levels of security for manufacturing facilities in line with the needs of the defense and strategic manufacturing industry. Admission to the park is by advance partner application only and all employee personnel, residents and visitors are subject to security vetting. Within the site, different personnel have access to selected zones only, meaning that restricted access areas further enhance the security facilities on offer.

  • Provide security services
  • Single point of contact for incident, accident / emergency
  • Provide smooth access to tenants, employees, visitors, suppliers/service providers
  • Escort services for all weapons/ ammunitions: IN/OUT under authorization from GHQ, AD Police and MOD
  • Single point of contact for access to Military bases
  • Protocol services for all government delegations
  • Coordinate product/prototype clearance, movement and participation in events (weapons/ammunition)
  • Help customs clearance from GHQ

Employee Security Clearance

  • Standard clearance
  • Explosive training clearance
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