Health, Safety and Environment

The TIP HSE Department, a team made up of a diverse field of capability including training, manufacturing, construction, explosives safety, environment, emergency management, monitors all activities at TIP ensuring that operations comply with OSHAD requirements and other the applicable standards.

The Emergency Response Team caters to a various range of emergency needs including fire, medical, trauma and rescue.

HSE Compliance

  • Facilities Design review
  • Tenant’s Vendor/contractor prequalification
  • Regular inspections and walkthroughs with tenants and their contractors
  • Advice on HSE compliance
  • Industrial Hygiene Study (Workplace, Atmosphere Study, Noise, Vibration)
  • Environmental Impact Assessment

HSE Awareness

  • Trainings
  • Seminars/ Workshops
  • Awareness collateral : Signs, Posters and Slogans
  • HSE Alerts
  • Health Surveys
  • Emergency Drills

Emergency Services

  • Emergency response services :Fire, Medical, Trauma, Rescue, HazMatand any Others
  • Liaison with Authorities
  • Fire safety inspection & advice
  • Crisis Management in coordination with NCEMA
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